Doctor's Love Story

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Descrição do Doctor's Love Story

Fate works in mysterious ways, just when Emily was hit by a car and was crying for help. Dr. Mc Dreamy was passing by, he rushed towards Emily and helped her come back to consciousness.

Emily fell in love with Dr. Mc Dreamy and asked him out on a date. This game is about their Love Story.

<b>First meet:</b> Dr. Mc Dreamy was helping Emily after her accident. The moment Emily opened her eyes she fell in love with the Doctor. It was love at first sight. The Doctor gave his number to Emily in case she was not feeling well and wanted an appointment.

💖 Will Emily call the Doctor?

💖 Will they ever meet again?

💖 Does the Doctor have the same feelings for Emily?

<b>The Phone Call:</b> A few days passed since the accident but Emily was not able to get the Doctor out of her head, she was love stricken, she mustered her spirits and called Dr. Mc Dreamy to ask him if he wants to meet with her.

💖 Will the Doctor say yes to Emily?

💖 Will the date go well?

💖 What will Emily wear?

<b>The Date:</b> Finally after much convincing, Dr. Mc Dreamy has finally agreed to meet Emily, and is taking her to one of the best places in town

💖 Will there be Violins?

💖 Will there be candle light?

💖 Will Mc Dreamy Propose?

🎇 To know all the answers to these questions PLAY the game NOW! 🎇

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